Our Case Study
Case Study
Helping a Global Auto and Tyre Retailer automate their whole business processes
  • Client A leading global tyre retailer
  • Industry Retail
  • Location Africa and Middle East
  • Services Offered ERP Suite, Ecommerce Platform, Business Intelligence and Analytics

A global auto and tyre retailer had setup businesses across Africa and the Middle East. Due to the particular nature of the markets, they were not happy with the generic ERP suite they were using. They wanted to streamline their business processes and were looking at a customized ERP suite to get things started. They were also looking to take their business online with a state-of-the art online sales platform. With that, they also needed the business intelligence and analytics needed to take their business to the next level in the African and Middle East Markets.

Case Study

The CFO and the CEO had their sights on offering the best experience to their customers, even while making things easier for their employees. YellowFish understood the requirements and came up with a plan to build a customized ERP suite. One of the most important aspects to be kept in mind was the lack of technical expertise the end users at the stores – store agents and workshop managers. So, the idea was to build a simple and user-friendly ERP and provide all the cutting edge features needed in an intelligent and easy manner.

With the cooperation of the client, Yellowfish came up with a custom-built ERP with modules covering all aspects of their retail business from procurement to materials management, stock management, asset management, stock movement to sales, customer service, business intelligence and finance and control.

The first implementation was done in Zambia, followed by Nigeria and the client is currently implementing the same in other countries across Africa and the Middle East. An Ecommerce platform was also built to handle all the online sales requirements in Africa.


The TAT of complex sales and service requests has dropped drastically due to the optimum use of resources and the intelligence available to the employees. The client has seen a 30% increase in customer satisfaction surveys. The streamlining of the whole processes reduced the employee workload and the client is currently planning to take the ERP to their other markets.